Lola Coffee 42g Jar
Lola Coffee 42g Jar
Lola Coffee 42g Jar
Lola Coffee 42g Jar

Lola Coffee 42g Jar

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Still the same great tasting Specialty Instant Coffee + Lions Mane, but now in a handy 12 serve jar.
And whats even better, you can reuse the jar once you have finished the coffee!
Lola Coffee is a combination of ethically sourced Colombian and Brazilian beans, roasted in Melbourne. Lola Coffee is the real deal and is 100% natural. There are no nasties, meaning we do not use any anti-caking agents or chemicals. Enjoy our brain tonic coffee to help activate mental clarity and performance.

Simply add 1 Teaspoon to your cup, add  ~200ml hot water and/or milk and stir for maximum benefit.

A speciality blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee with Wild Crafted Lions Mane.
Lola Coffee is sensitive to moisture, so best to keep it in a dry cool place and consume within 2 weeks of receiving it!
**All jars come with a moisture seal and absorbent sachet inside** 

Customer Reviews

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Luscious creamy coffee

I love my Lola coffee, it has a beautiful creamy texture with the added benefits of the inclusion of the medicinal mushroom. A little luxury to start the day with. Will be purchasing more!


Loving this!! Super yummy with almond, soy or oat milk. Jars are great as I prefer the more sustainable option compared to pods ect..Easy to prepare with a baby wrapped around your legs. Hits the spot first thing in the morning. Only down fall is the jars are sold out,, but I guess that’s what happens when you have an awesome product! Looking forward to the restock :)

Emily Laurie
Perfect product

I love it. Tastes great, I think they've actually nailed instant coffee. I also like the new jar, as it's recyclable, and easy to store and transport from home to office. Thanks for making something so delicious and thoughtful xx

Viv Dare
Love Lola Coffee

I love Lola coffee and the 42g jar is so convenient to use, less waste with than with the individual packets. Please keep the jar as one of your products Lola 🙏🏼

Kate Charlesworth

I actually really enjoy this coffee. I’m not an instant girl by any stretch. But this blend is tasty and enjoyable. Give it a try.