Why Drink Lola Coffee?

Lola Berry
Why Coffee?

Coffee is not just a morning ritual for millions globally, it is the world’s 2nd largest traded commodity, coming second to crude oil. Yes, we love our coffee. Research shows it might do a lot more than simply jumpstart your day. Studies are out there saying it may help protects us against type 2 diabetes, liver disease and lowers the risk of heart failure.

So what’s the problem with just plain old coffee?

Well, nothing.. its great! But in this day and age we are seeking to find every advantage, every possibility and method of enhancing ourselves or Bio hacking our Brains.

That's where Medicinal Mushrooms come in. They have been used for their health benefits in Ancient Chinese medicine since the 12th century.

Lola Coffee.

Lola Coffee has been created to bring you a healthy instant coffee, which we have laced with the medicinal mushroom Lions Mane to help enhance your health and cognitive function. It’s been referred to as a safe nootropic, so think of this coffee as your “limitless” boost first thing in the morning or any time of the day.

You will feel the buzz initially, then as the beneficial compounds build up in your system, the other health and cognitive benefits kick in.

So grab yourself a cup, all you need is hot water and you’re on your way to a healthier, smarter, happier you.