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LOLA Coffee is blend of Specialty Instant Coffee that is roasted in Melbourne and Lions Mane.



Lola Coffee was created by nutritionist and best selling author Lola Berry, who wanted to optimise her morning coffee and perform at her highest capacity.


What is Lions Mane?

Lions Mane is an ancient medicinal mushroom thats been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and has shown to contain Anti Inflammatories, Anti Oxidants and may help to increase focus and metal clarity.


Why we are different?

Lola Coffee contains absolutely no chemicals or additives.

Unlike other instants available on the market, our coffee is specialty grade.

Specialty grade coffee is rigorously tested to ensure the highest grade of coffee and ensures rich, delicious flavours.


We are the only Specialty Instant with Functional Ingredients

Currently there is no other product like ours, Lola Coffee is the only Instant Specialty coffee with a medicinal mushroom.


Key Points

  • 2 ingredients: Specialty Instant Coffee & Lions Mane
  • Other Mushroom products contain a lower grade instant coffee, generally arabica or robusta, ours is Specialty grade.
  • We are the only special grade instant on the market in the functional beverage space.
  • Contains no additives
  • we believe in a simple formula and don’t add competing adaptogens or ingredients.
  • Other instant blends contain Stevia for sweetness, we are just real coffee
  • While other brands try to add as many ingredients as possible, we focus on our hero ingredient Lions mane and the best flavour on the market.