Mindfulness & Coffee

"MINDFULNESS - how to get the most out of your coffee"

First of all, in my opinion, coffee is pretty darn sacred, so my advice is to have your coffee your way, the way you love it most. Iced, with a dash of oat milk, straight up black, with almond or whole milk, you do you. But make it a time to take a moment just for yourself, even if it's just a first few sips. Your coffee is a great time to practice mindfulness, even right before that first sip.

So what is mindfulness anyway?

Observing - most people think that mindfulness is about having a clear mind, when in fact its more about having the thought, acknowledge it and accept it as opposed to be consumed but it and running away with the thought.

Our minds run a million miles an hour, instead of trying to clear it and get frustrated, turn towards what we are feeling and thinking. Notice it without needed to react to it.

One exercise I love to do to slip into this space which takes less than 60 seconds is breathing. And let’s best honest, it’s potentially one of the most important parts of mindfulness. the breath.

Right before you take that first sip of coffee:

take a slow inhale for a count of 4

gentle hold for a count of 4

exhale for a count of 4

hold for a final count of 4

then repeat 4 rounds. Open your eyes, and enjoy your favourite coffee, mindfully.

So what's the point of this you may ask?

During that first sip, you will feel more present in the moment to appreciate everything that your coffee is giving you. Noticing the heat of the cup in your hards, the aroma, the taste & ultimately all the great health benefits of COFFEE!

This is Mindfulness & Coffee!

Give it a go and let us know what you think!


Big Love, 

Lola Berry