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What are the benefits of Mushroom Coffee + Lions Mane?

So what's all the hype with Lions Mane and Mushroom Coffee? What are the actual health benefits and does it taste well... mushroomy?  Lions Mane Mushroom has been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries and get's its name because it looks like the Mane of a Lion! It also happens to be the KEY ingredient in LOLA COFFEE Lions mane is a super mushroom.  Lions mane has a the ability to enhance concentration, memory, creativity and mental acuity. Over the past few years, a new interest in studying medicinal mushrooms has arisen, these studies have shown an increasing amount of potential benefits. The really exciting stuff about lions mane is the effect it has on the brain where studies have found...

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How to focus more in the morning!

"How to focus more in the morning?" I get a lot of questions asking for advice on focus. We all need it for our lives, whether it be work life, home life or let's be honest, usually a mix of both and everything else that comes with life. Why do we wake up sluggish, tired, unmotivated? Well that's a discussion for another day. Today we are focusing on improving your focus without reaching high GI, sugars and other foods that we think may help us momentarily. So here we go... This is a controversial topic but if I really want to focus in the morning, I’ll intermittently fast, so that means I drink Lola Coffee on an EMPTY stomach, do my...

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Mindfulness & Coffee

"MINDFULNESS - how to get the most out of your coffee" First of all, in my opinion, coffee is pretty darn sacred, so my advice is to have your coffee your way, the way you love it most. Iced, with a dash of oat milk, straight up black, with almond or whole milk, you do you. But make it a time to take a moment just for yourself, even if it's just a first few sips. Your coffee is a great time to practice mindfulness, even right before that first sip. So what is mindfulness anyway? Observing - most people think that mindfulness is about having a clear mind, when in fact its more about having the thought, acknowledge it...

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